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What makes the Historic Haile Homestead unique in the Nation? 

Talking Walls!

The Hailes had the unusual habit of writing on their unpainted walls. Documented in 2001, the walls revealed over 12,500 words and artwork in almost in every room including the closets! The oldest dated writing was found upstairs in the Trunk Room where young Benjamin wrote his name in 1859, shortly after the house was officially completed. Writing by family members included personal observations, names of visitors, growth charts of children and grandchildren, recipes for household solutions, inventories of linens, silverware, china, business records and prose. The visitors to the weekend and holiday house parties at the turn of the 20th century were the most prolific wall writers. The walls of the Music Room and Parlor are adorned with over 150 individual writings on each wall. Several years ago, we discovered a new wall of writing which had been covered up my plasterers in the 1990s restoration! We invite you to explore this unique historic treasure where the walls speak to you through time!

A compilation of some of the most interesting and humorous writing from the Talking Walls is available for sale at the house.

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